Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monsoon in Kerala

There is nothing like the monsoons in Kerala... No wonder our tourism ministry has finally decided to promote it. I wonder what took them so long.

This morning I woke up to the sound of rainfall, looked outside my window and was greeted with an enchantic and serene sight, The sight of rain drizzling , falling on the rooftop producing a rhythmic soul stirring sound. The greenery around enhanced by the washdown, making me wonder if this was a dream, a reverie I never want to end.

My thoughts then inappropriately drifting to the hustle and pace of modern day, the struggle to achieve, most people not knowing what needs to be achieved, yet they are trying to achieve.

I know the real me is lost, lost in the crowd of wannabe achievers, only now do I realise what we wannabe achievers are missing , This is real achievement, to be able to take a few moments out of our life stare into the rain, listen to the melody produced, giving rahman a run for his money. Definitely a tune that should win an oscar, every time mother nature decides to play it.

A famous poet once said:

“ The woods are beautiful dark and deep,
But I have miles to go before I sleep
But I have miles to go before I sleep”

So appropriate, although my friend ‘Roshan’ would say” just walk upto your bed and go to sleep why do u have to go so far”.

I woke up early morning @ 9:45am (Early hours when I am at my native) today. Had a satisfying breakfast, followed by some petty fights with my sis which I actually missed all these days. Felt little bit boring as I didn't have anything to do. Going through couple of new websites here and there and facebooking with little bit of mafia wars to satisfy my inborn matured kiddo within me. Mom called in for lunch and need to say that it was yummy. Rice with typical sadhya Parippu and Paapad with a teaspoon ghee at top to taste the richness. Tender Mango pickle from the local store near by added extra flavour to my lunch. A quick afternoon nap was relaxing till the clock struck 4pm. My 5 years old little nephew came back from school. His innocent smile and warm hug is something I cant just ignore ... I go back to my kindergarden days when he is next to me. Never thought I will enjoy playing hide and seek again.. But now I do. After a tiring Hide and Seek game, I was all set for a quick shower. Realised driver was not in today and so I had to take a ricksha to travel around. Picked up my friend Jiju on the way and collected my Bangalore sim card from the Vodafone store.

Men within us couldn't resist too much and we have decided to go for a quick drink. It was a good evening catching up with my buddy, having a drink and watching soccer. Came back home after another yummy dinner with my pal.

Night seems to be still young as this was never a time for me to return home while I was in Bangalore.... My nephew is sleeping and I could only depend on my internet and my cell phone. Thanks to the new technologies :)

Will write in my next blog why I metioned today as a "New Beginning, a new Myself"

Still I can hear the rain outside and I feel God actually lives in the capital city of Gods own country, Trivandrum.

Signing off with a promise to myself to wake up from my deep slumber and write another blog till then chow.


  1. Very good work..Please kep it up..


  2. Loo is this u blogging(write-up) . I am flabbergasted ... really impressive

  3. Very well described... I can feel the peace and real joy of that time :) and I hope you to write more abt reality
    All the BEST!

  4. awaiting for "New Beginning, a new Myself" and dont say u got married :p

  5. (Satyam parayu ithu aranu ezuthiyathu :D )
    Very good work.........
    "vayikittu atha paripadi............."??

  6. Nice beginning Lalu.. I have a feeling this is gonna be great.. keep it going.. waiting for the next..

  7. Nice... Happy blogging buddy.. :)

  8. Cool... I like :)
    U ve got urself a follower... Keep writing...

  9. Lalu... U r supposed to reply... people hav taken time to comment... spare a moment to reply...:) and where's the next post??? Its due..